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We pride ourselves on being the HVAC repair company people refer their friends to. Our customers love us because we’ve built our business upon excellent service, honesty, and over 18 years of experience. We don’t just fix problems, we educate you and explain your repair options.

Our expert a/c repair and installation technicians provide both commercial and residential HVAC services, and will work with you to find the right solution so your system provides you with year-round efficiency, reliability, and comfort.

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We’re Arizona natives who love living here, even in the blistering hot summer. We understand how difficult it is for people when things go wrong with their HVAC system in our desert climate. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to making that unfortunate moment less painful for as many Arizona residents as possible!

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Air Conditioning Repair And Maintenance In Chandler, Arizona

Anyone who’s lived in Chandler, Arizona for any stretch of time knows the importance of staying cool during the all-year-long-like summer season. By now you and your family are masters at staying cool, if not you’ve been burnt to a crisp! 🙂

All joking aside, even the hardiest of air conditioning units can fail on the hottest of days when temperatures reach into the blistering three digits.

Wherever you live in the Chandler area, your AC system will eventually need maintenance, repair or replacement if you and your family want to stay cool.

Many of the common AC complaints we receive at Antrim Air are easily resolved and even affordable to repair. The challenge is keeping up on routine maintenance. Because our lives are hectic and we’re constantly looking for ways to pack more hours into a day, regular maintenance for an air conditioning system may be the farthest thing from our minds.

Unfortunately, neglecting routine maintenance can have costly consequences that require expensive repairs or even the entire replacement of an AC unit. Why put a damper on your summer fun when it can be avoided entirely?

Who We Are and About Us

Antrim Air was founded in 2010 after our founders, Anthony Gilmore and Talitha Gilmore recognized the growing need for an AC repair center that the residents of Chandler could learn from and trust to come out and take care of their AC or HVAC units. Anthony combined his 18 years of hands-on technical experience with Talitha’s business know-how to create a company Chandler has been relying on since 2010 to keep homes cool.

FUN FACT: Our company name was chosen based on our Irish ancestry. Antrim is a small county based in Ireland!

Most importantly, we’re Arizona natives who know how harsh the climate can be on its residents. The desert atmosphere boasts year-round summer-like temperatures, but the desert is unmerciful if you don’t know how to keep your home and vehicles cool.

Our company was founded in an effort to avoid AC disasters and if and when they do occur, help restore proper function with AC repair Chandler AZ.

When we’re not busy ensuring Chandler natives are staying cool, we’re showing our thanks to the local Veterans and nonprofit organizations of the community.

What We Offer

  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Air Conditioner Replacement
  • New Air Conditioning Installation
  • Heater Repairs and Replacements
  • HVAC Checkups
  • Second Opinions

Why We’re The Better Choice!

At Antrim Air, we believe in providing the most value for less. During our checkups, we’ll ensure your condensate lines are free of debris, and no, this courtesy check will not show up on your repair/maintenance bill as an unexpected fee because it’s free!

Checking your condensate lines is a preventive measure, which will help detect and or prevent any condensation leaks during days where temperatures reach three digits. Our competitors typically charge additional fees for this simple-to-perform procedure. Not us! Many of the common problems experienced with air conditioning units can be prevented with this inspection.

However, it’s important to understand not all problems can be detected or prevented before they actually occur. We’ll do our best, but moving mechanical parts will eventually fail and need to be repaired or replaced.

Our Memberships and Credentials

We’re proud members of Local First Arizona. Translation: We support local businesses in the Phoenix area!

We’re registered and recognized by the Better Business Bureau. The BBB, while not officially recognized as the authority on acting in behalf of a business report card, many consumers decide whether or not they’ll follow through with a service or purchase based on the rating the BBB gives a particular business.

We’re proud to announce all of our business dealings have resulted in satisfied customers with no complaints.

Recommended Air Conditioning Services

Just like vehicles, air conditioner and HVAC units require regular maintenance to keep things running smoothly. Normally a regular annual inspection and maintenance is recommended for most AC units, but if you’re unsure, for any reason, the owner’s manual should be able to shed light on the matter.

We personally recommend all Chandler residents have their air conditioners inspected and maintained annually, and maybe even more regularly due to the fact that we rely on our air conditioniers more than most other states.

If you’re unsure about the best time to have your unit serviced, don’t hesitate to call us! We can determine the best course of action for you without pressuring you into purchasing our services. We genuinely want to help!

We also offer free estimates! You can call (480) 485-6505 or click here to fill out our online free estimate form and a trained technician will be with you shortly.

Why Regular HVAC Maintenance Is a Must

An HVAC system is one of those few investments people hesitate on before spending, but don’t realize the importance of their investment until later. At Antrim Air, we believe the owner should come prepared willing to invest twice. The first investment is in a quality HVAC system, and the second investment is maintenance which can be reduced significantly, if proper procedures are followed.

So long as your HVAC is functioning properly, you can rely on coming home to a cool and comfortable dwelling year round. If you fail to do your homework properly and/or neglect routine maintenance, you’ll more than likely find yourself comparing the interior of your home to the humid deserts of Arizona; hot and unpleasant, if you don’t have a cool place to retreat to.

Some of the benefits you may experience include but are not limited to:

Reduced Utility Bills

Just about everyone is eager to save money when given the opportunity to do so. The pocketed money you save during annual maintenance can be used for other important things. An HVAC unit that runs efficiently means you as the homeowner don’t have to sweat it when the electricity bill makes its appearance in the mail. We can think of a hundred different, more productive and fun ways to spend the money you saved on repair or air conditioner replacement, how about you?

Healthy Air is Happy Air!

A properly maintained unit will not only keep you sane during the hottest of days, but if the filters are replaced and maintained regularly, the air quality in your home will speak for itself. Clean filters and coils are crucial to ensuring quality air for your entire family. Dirty filters provide the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and mold. If you or your family suffers from any respiratory problems or health problems such as asthma, the quality of your air filters becomes critical.

Increase or Double the Lifespan of Your AC System

If you stay on top of regular maintenance, the longer your unit will be able to function properly, providing cooler temperatures in your home or building. It’s no secret that a properly maintained unit can last up to 10 years or more providing you take proper care of your investment.

Energy Efficiency

Properly maintained HVAC and AC units produce cool temperatures more efficiently. In fact, research has shown that dirty or unmaintained AC units require more effort thus more energy to produce the same amount of cooling temperatures as their more efficient counterparts. How much more effort? About 20% more!

As a homeowner, you should look for ways to increase the efficiency in your machine to help reduce the impact on the environment, but also reduce the impact on your wallet.

In addition to functioning with less electricity, a well-maintained machine also means less wear and tear on the mechanical parts. Over time, replacing these mechanical parts can become expensive. Instead, we recommend heading off any potential problems by scheduling routine inspections and maintenance.

Avoid A Costly Emergency AC Repair Chandler AZ

Occasionally, emergencies are bound to happen. We can do all of our homework before hand and take cautionary steps in an effort to prevent accidents from happening, but they’ll still happen. At some time or another, your HVAC or AC unit may require an emergency repair, but the keyword here is “occasionally”. Well-maintained units means reducing your chances of having to pay for an emergency repair bill.

Take Advantage of Warranties

Money tends to be stretched thin these days. We totally get it. That’s why we recommend taking advantage of warranties and keeping a list of all parts covered and protected by a warranty. While it might seem tedious and pointless to keep this list, believe us, it will be a life saver when you least expect it.

Warranties frequently cover most moving mechanical parts, but few people choose to take advantage of these money-saving features. Parts under warranty can frequently be fixed at no expense to the owner, aside from the labor charges, which may occur if the homeowner isn’t technically inclined.

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