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Change filter at least every month depending on usage.

  • This will maximize airflow allowing the unit to operate as designed, reducing the need to run too often using valuable energy.

Keep the thermostat set at one temperature throughout the season. If you do prefer to program your thermostat, never have more than a 5-degree difference.

  • Finding a comfortable temperature and leaving it throughout the day will minimize energy usage.
  • For example: Setting at a higher temp during the day when no one is home will heat furniture, interior walls, appliances, etc. to that setting. When the unit is set to cool down it will then not only need to cool the air but the objects within the space.

Be sure to have your unit serviced annually.

  • This can foresee issues before becoming an urgent repair. (See Contactor example for pitted contacts, similar to brake pads wearing.)
  • Unlike our competitors, Antrim Air checks the condensate line as a part of our pre-season tune-up to verify there is no built-up debris preventing possible costly water damage.
  • If you have gas heat, be sure to have it serviced before the heating season to foresee leaks that may cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Setting ceiling fans to proper rotation direction based on the season will maximize airflow, therefore, saving on energy costs.

  • In the winter, ceiling fans should be rotating to lift the air up and out spreading the heat evenly throughout the space.
  • In the summer they should rotate to blow air directly down to remove the hot air from the ceiling.

Remember, there are various contributors to energy usage.

  • For example: Water heater, appliances, etc.

Keep us in mind for AC repair Chandler, especially in an emergency.

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